At Phoenix Trading Group we only work with experienced traders and teams of traders, ie. people who have traded professionally for at least one year and who trade volumes of at least 3000 lots per month.

Yes. We encourage collaboration. For instance, experienced traders can take on graduates as part of their team. In these cases, we pass on the full ASX24 Trainee Development Program rebate (up to $18,000 per trader).

Yes. Phoenix Trading Group has many traders who use algorithms, both custom-built code and through off-the-shelf platforms such as TT’s Algo Design Lab (ADL). If you work with custom-built algos or are interested in using ADL to augment your trading, we can discuss deployment options with you. If you are a developer, come and talk to us.

Yes. At Phoenix Trading Group, all your IP is your own and protected in your trading agreement.

No. Phoenix Trading Group is self-financed.

No. As a Proprietary Trading Participant of the ASX24 we cannot take funds from traders.

Yes. Phoenix Trading Group has remote traders located across Australia, Asia and Europe.

All your trades go straight to market. We do not internally match your orders, take the other side, or have salaried traders.

Phoenix currently only trades futures. We do not trade options, CFD’s or individual shares.

We support trading on all the major futures markets: ASX24 (SFE), CBOE CFE, CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX, Euronext, ICE Europe and ICE US, HKFE, OSE, SGX, TMX.