As a result of our low fees, trading with Phoenix can save you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

But don't just take our word for it...

Contact us on the number below and we will provide you with access to our savings calculator tool so you too can start saving. Our rates are as low as $1.16 per trade!

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Proprietary trading is rapidly evolving. To maintain our competitive edge, we focus on technology, providing top-end fibre connectivity, switches and routers, full operational redundancy, and the fastest exchange gateways for super-fast, reliable trading.

For ultra-low latency traders we have exchange co-location and serious know-how. All your IP is protected, and since we don’t trade for ourselves, rest assured we’re not interested in appropriating it.

If you use software such as TT and CQG and you want to automate elements of your trading, we have experience and can help, keeping you competitive.

We know that you’re likely to spend many hours a day at your desk, so our offices have ergonomic furniture and electric-height adjustable desks so that you are as comfortable as possible.

Our offices are located beachside in Manly and offer the ultimate lifestyle and work-life balance.


We are not your average prop-shop. First, rather than maximising short‑term profits at the expense of traders, we believe that transparency and fair dealing will give long-term benefit to them and to Phoenix.

Second, we have no trainee programs or the distractions that come with them. Instead, we work exclusively with experienced traders, whether they work alone or in teams with developers and junior traders.

Third, we encourage traders to share knowledge and understanding, which contributes to our culture of expertise and professionalism. It’s about constant learning.

Fourth, we do not trade for ourselves. This means that we don’t slow down your orders through internal matching or trade against you by taking the other side.
All this makes us very different to other proprietary trading firms – we’re genuinely interested in your success.